The Newsletter From Julius: Pip Boy approved.

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I find that a wasted mind is one that never learns, or that does on endless the same thing over and again, without any positive improvement; without challenging itself. That would have to be a monotonous life to live, wouldn’t you think?

I created my Newsletter, a.k.a., The Newsletter From Julius, as a means to deliver knowledge straight to your mind. I don’t want your mind to be wasted nor to feel wasted when you open my Newsletter to read its content––and it won’t be. This is quality delivered to your inbox. And you know what?, it’s not that thick: it’s not a tome in other words.

I give you four pieces, four articles of wealth, inside a single Newsletter:

  1. One article from Inspiration
  2. One article from Writing
  3. One article from Julius (that’s me!)
  4. One article from a Wildcard: Science, Philosophy, Marketing, Politics, it could another from Inspiration.

That’s what you get with my Newsletter. It’s not much, but that’s how I prefer it to be. You don’t want to read an overwhelming mass of text, and I don’t want to send you an overwhelming mass of text. I want to send you, in a crisp and straightforward newsletter, four links to four articles that I believe will A) Inspire you; B) Improve your writing; and C) Teach you something you either didn’t know OR give you a new perspective on something you thought you knew.

That’s my goal with this Newsletter. That’s the purpose for it’s creation.

Care to join? Are you in? If you answered yes, all you got to do is type in your awesome email address below and leave the rest to me.


I’m an author and a philosopher who can confidently state that nobody writes and nobody creates like I do. Speculative fiction is my domain. I created this blog not just for my stories, but to help you with your writing and to inspire you to never give up on your dreams. I’m not going to give up on mine, so why should you?

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