The Culture of World-Building Pt2

I don’t know about you, but to me, there are two elements that demand the greatest precision in speculative fiction: characters and world-building. Curious about the former? read this. Otherwise, stick with me here and read on. Why world-building? Well, aside from it being a staple of speculative fiction like science fiction and fantasy, consider works from authors JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Robert Heinlein. Now consider those from creators such as George Lucas, CD Projekt Red (developer of The Witcher

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Do You Know Your Values?

Through my experience writing prose character development has been something of a struggle. Originally I had assumed it would be as simple as imagining the characters, writing a bare dossier of the most important, and then, so begin the proper rite of transcribing their story. A clean–and–cut process as clear as one, two, three. No sir. ‘Tis loco. When is it ever that straightforward when it matters? Creating any characters worth a damn is a process. That triples in effect,

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The Culture of World-Building Pt1

  Who doesn’t enjoy world–building? If you’re a speculative fiction author like me, be it sci–fi or fantasy, it’s a tool we must use. We are after all creating a new world, or a new reality. Though it may be a laborious process, like you’re trudging through mire to get to that perfect world, it can’t be overlooked in regards to other arenas nor executed without a mind to logic. But what is world–building? Well from a general definition it is

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