This page is dedicated to my novel, Fall of Sin. As of yet I have just this one novel, the overture in the series A Loner’s Odyssey. It’s currently being revised.

This is what got me into writing. But believe me when I say this story has gone through the woodchipper more than once. It has changed considerably since its point of inception, heck, it’s not even the same story––however, the principal of the idea remains unchanged. It’s just evolved with me over the years. I truly believe it’s helped me grow into the man I am today.

After seven long years I’ve finally arrived at that precipice where I can shout: “I believe in you!” It’s a relief but at the same time I still have quite the task ahead of me. What I’ve realized through this assiduous process is just how much personal attachment I have to this story. It’s on par, relatively speaking, with the love a mother has for her child (okay, maybe that’s hyperbole, but I love this book). So all I ask of you is your patience as I continue to knead, shape and smoothen this merely 55K story.

The Ancient Greeks had a word for breath, they called it pneuma. But pneuma can mean soul in other contexts. It is both this “breath” and this “soul” that I hope to imbue my novel with: to create something greater than itself.

Below you will find something of a synopsis for that coming novel.


Fall of Sin

 At it’s essence Fall of Sin is about one man, the Commissar. He is a man possessed and a man conflicted, about himself, about humanity, and yet he is driven to achieve a singular goal. It is his “duty” this goal, what he believes Divinity has held him responsible for. He must achieve its success, there is no exception. But he will not do so alone.

There are others involved in his life, four to be exact. They are his companions. But do they feel that same bond for him? They love and they struggle as he does, and they serve as his soldiers, but there is conflict. There is always discord among people is there not?

War is the setting that has become the way of life for these troubled souls. But what is this War? How has this War become so entrenched into the daily lives of its soldiers, so much that they are born into it and die for its cause without misgiving?

Who or what do these soldiers fight?

Who is the Tyrant?

The breaker of wills?

What are SCOs?

The Great North and The Lasting Virtue?

And who or what might the corvus represent?

These answers come naturally but the characters who tell this story do not. They’re humans, right? Humans are complicated. They’re diverse. They’re emotional. They’re inquisitive. They love their independence.

These characters tell their own story, the narrator simply puts them in order.


*Care to learn more about this world and its characters? Read the short story I wrote that leads up to Fall of Sin here.*



Ancient Greaco-Roman history, Greaco-Roman Mythology, Political Theory, Philosophy, Theology, America; the camaraderie between individuals and groups; the peculiarity, nuance and originality of society and their cultures; the vices and virtues of humanity.


As an aside, as I write this story I consider myself similar to an historian. I don’t mean that in a pretentious literal sense, but in a figurative sense. What does an historian? They acquire the facts about a particular topic and present them to the reader inside a logical framework, conveying what is important and necessary. That’s what I feel I’m doing, but with prose. This is a story and a world that’s existed all along, I’m simply narrating the facts for anyone willing to read. Call me crazy, but that’s how I’ve come to view my work; this story especially.

I’m an author and a philosopher who can confidently state that nobody writes and nobody creates like I do. Speculative fiction is my domain. I created this blog not just for my stories, but to help you with your writing and to inspire you to never give up on your dreams. I’m not going to give up on mine, so why should you?

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